All Obstacles Can Be Overcome

The fourth step in The Ten Basic Rules for Successful Goal Setting is

Write the specific action steps that tell

you how you will deal with each obstacle

This is a very important step that a lot of people don’t do. Once you define the obstacles, you have to figure out a way to overcome them. You do that by creating an action step that will tell you how to deal with the obstacle. All goals have obstacles, true, but unless you come up with a plan to over come them they will remain in your way and prevent you from reaching your goal. 

Let’s say you’re driving to an appointment and your running late. You pull onto the main drag in an unfamiliar area and there is a huge traffic jam. What do you do? Do you turn around and go home? No, you figure out a way around it by checking your map or using your GPS system. What have you done? You’ve taken an action step to deal with the obstacle. It’s the same process with goals. Except there’s a catch – when you first set out to do this you’re not going to have any clue what the action step should be. When I go through this process with clients, it takes them a while to come up with an action step. The reason for that is because this is a new process, one we’re not used to dealing with. Most people throw up their hands and say a few choice words when a big obstacle comes up. Others blame Murhpy’s Law. But with you it’s got to be different. If you’re serious about reaching your goals you have to stop and take the time to figure this part out. When you get the answer and apply the action step, doors will open up and ideas will follow that will move you forward. Do this for each obstacle you’ve defined.

As you begin to learn how to do this you’ll see that the by-product of this process is reaching your goal. Most people who set goals try to immediately work on the goal. And you know what, most of them fail. That’s because they haven’t taken the time to identify the obstacles and create action steps to overcome them. As you work on the action steps – the most important part of the goal – the goal itself gets accomplished. Try this process and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

You can do it and I believe in you!




About Rich Vosler

I was in the mortgage business for 18 years. One of the roles I really enjoyed there was a coach. I also had my own coach for 4 years and when my company restructured I decided to start my own business as a Certified Life Coach. That was in 2006. Since then I've added Wellness Coach to my resume. I'm also a single father raising 9 children. My wife passed away in 2005 after a short battle with cancer.
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